• Technical Information
  • Power: 1.400 Watts;
  • Plug: 20A;
  • Voltage: 127V or 220V (not dual volt);
  • Smaller, the only item in the category measuring 16 x 14 cm;
  • Improved productivity, as it is equipped with the most powerful motor in the market;
  • The high blowing power, together with the extremely compact size, guarantee unique characteristics, like: versatility, lightness and functional efficiency;
  • Ideal for optimizing space and providing home services;
  • Can be suspended from any point: held by a support, hung under a table or from the ceiling;
  • Dimensions (height x width): 16x14cm;
  • Weight: 2.5 kg (can be used with a shoulder strap);
  • Note: Field measurements. Images merely illustrative. Products are subject to innovative alterations without prior notice.
  • Equipment certified by INMETRO in accord with directive 371/2009.