• Technical Information
  • Power: 2.200W;
  • Plug: 20A;
  • Air speed of 850m/min. to 1,702m/min;
  • Voltage: 127V or 220V (not dual volt);
  • Height adjustment from 1.20m to 1.45m, through a simple lever adjustment;
  • Flow of 96 to 198m³/h;
  • Air speed of 850m/min. to 1,702m/min;
  • Casing features injected engineering plastic;
  • PEDESTAL in anodized aluminum and base in high impact polymer;
  • Base with 5 wheels and (2) with lock;
  • Air DUCT in anodized aluminum tube with electro thermal insulation;
  • Easy-twist NOZZLE, rotate 360° and accurate adjustment with gentle touch;
  • Temperatures: Room, warm, medium and hot;
  • Noise emission: 72dB;
  • Note: Field measurements. Images merely illustrative. Products are subject to innovative alterations without prior notice.